Monday, June 3, 2013


Tomorrow I finally do my big presentation in my MSA Research class.  This has attracted a lot of attention, mostly due to the oddity of a nerdy kid with a t-shirt and vest running around with a wired up typewriter in the school hallways.  Anyways... I am sorta nervous and excited about it all at once! I can't believe it is actually happening!  I am going to get all dressed up in a suit coat, with a crimson red dress shirt and grey tie w/ matching color vest! I am going to show the class what it means to do a proper presentation.  That is if I don't start stuttering....

Oh well! I appologize btw, for still not having posted the stuff on the typewriter. It is coming, I promise! It's just that the presentation took precedence.   Last week of school for me! I just sorta wanted to share my nervous excitement with you guys! (meaning the two or three of you who follow this blog :/)

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