Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Busy Lately

I know I haven't posted in awhile.  Mainly cause of everything that has been going on as my school year comes to an end.  I have been working on two projects, a final exam, reviewing for finals, and various other school related things. Along with my increased amount of chores (step-mom broke her foot.... on my ipad... I don't really know) and my swim training starting to kick into high gear!  Things are starting to wind down! I should be a little less busy once summer starts, but its not like my schedule will be completely open.  I will be starting my job with my dad in pool construction right as school ends.  That being said, with all the buisiness going on a lot of good things have happened! So it isn't like I am working my ass off for nothing!

I finally finished my typewriter project yesterday! I will be posting more about that later in the week after I assemble a general overview and image album. It was a lot of work, but being able to intern as a junior in high-school is well worth it! Plus, now I have an awesome typewriter keyboard!!!!!

I managed to go a 56:45 in the 100 freestyle short-course! Which is a two second drop off of my time from the end of the actual season and my training is only just starting! I should be able to get down into the 53 range by the time my season kicks up!

I got conformation on the parts I need for the second project, a multi-touch table I am throwing together.  So I should actually be able to finish it before my big presentation!

Oh, and I should be able to cut down my cancer check up hospital visits down to once a year after my next visit! Which means I shouldn't have to worry bout reoccurance for another 10 to 15 years!  Though my rate is still rather increased by the age I had it.

I also am planning on submitting another post later with some speculation on the nature of free time and busy schedules like mine!

Wow, I do believe I am starting to sound a bit like Night Tempest! Well, I can't really complain there!  I got to be going and am planning on future updates! Btw Night, seeing the comment and the follow made me smile!  I saw I was getting a lot of page views but only knew of one follower (besides my boy-friend).  I am glad you found time to take a look!  Others reading this! You don't need an account to comment, and they are truly appreciated!

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