Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Speaking to no one

I am not sure what really prompted me to start this blog.
I don't know why anyone would want to listen to the endless ramble of a High-School Junior.
I know for a fact that at this moment, this blog has not one follower, and probably never will.
I suppose I am starting it for me.  So that I can look back at who I was, sort of like a diary.
But it might be possible that I gain some sort of following, that for whatever reason people are entertained by my rants.
I would actually prefer to actually be talking to someone. After all, I don't need a blog to rant to myself.
Well, if you happen to be reading this, thanks.  I am not sure what exactly I am thanking you for, but I feel like I should none the less.
Well! That is more then enough exposition for me... especially for one as dry as this.
Have a  nice day/morning/night/whatever-the-hell-time-or-period-it-is

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